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Americans and those of you good with proxy servers... [Oct. 31st, 2010|01:37 pm]
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Hulu has the episode of Married with Children with an impossibly skinny David Boreanaz.

Happy Halloween!
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RIP, Andy Hallett. [Apr. 3rd, 2009|10:16 pm]
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In the first episode of the second season of Angel, which, ironically, I didn't watch for forever, a green-skinned, red-horned, karaoke-singing demon was introduced. He was "The Host" for many seasons, and "Lorne" later, and he was at various times the funniest, the most sympathetic, and the most interesting guy on the show.

His first appearance.

Andy Hallett, who played Lorne, seemed as delightful offscreen as on.

A few more words, more videos and surprise Gigi Edgely )
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Miscellany! [Mar. 19th, 2009|08:06 pm]
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Really interesting interview with the young man who plays the son on Breaking Bad, R.J. Mitte. He has cerebal palsy in real life, though not as severe a case as the character he plays.

Angel is free to watch at TNT.TV. In case you are [info]chash curious. (Damn, Gunn's first appearance is hot.)

And just a bit on reading and writing:

I have been compiling my own 'to read' list during RaceFail for people who've said good things and whose books I want to buy. I have not, thus far, had a list of people's books I would not read, in part because it just didn't seem like my style, and in part because it would depress me. And then I read this.

Congratulations, Gemma Files, you are my inspiration for beginning my own private "Do not read" list. You are #1!

(Also, tangentally related to this, it's amazing what lengths writers will go to to defend their rights to be cliched, dull, and unoriginal.)
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